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Meet the notifications feed on the Growers Network

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There are several plans on our schedule, and we're deploying them as soon as we finish them. And one of these plans was the inclusion of a global news feed to keep our community informed no matter which website of our network they were visiting.

We called this feature the "Growers Network News Feed", and you will see it at the bottom right corner of our pages:

On mobile phones it looks like this:

Whenever we publish news articles on any of our websites, a notification will appear on that feed. Also, when new articles come up in the Grower News website, you'll see the latest ones accessible with just one click.

It works for both guests and registered users

Since the feed sources are all public, guest users will be able to access the contents and mark them as read so they keep track of clicks. Unfortunately, tracking is set on cookies, and opening the pages on different browsers won't propagate this tracking feature.

But users that registered on our Grower Club will have an improved read tracking thanks to preferences propagation. So no matter on which website they mark items as read, as long as they have an active session, feeds will be kept in sync.

And there's more!

Hand in hand with this news notifications system is the automatic pushing to our social network channels, so, from now on, you'll notice more contents coming from us on all the platforms in which we have presence.

We're working hard on our plans and will release more things soon.

Keep in touch! You'll love what is coming up next!

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