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Growers Wallet 1.2.1 and Seed Nodes (WIP)

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DNS Seed

DNS entries

On CloudFlare, the next entries were added to grwi.io:

  • NS • growerscoin-seeds.grwi.io • growerscoin-s1.grwi.io
    This is the hostname of the DNS seed server and forwards to the vps server.
  • A • growerscoin-s1.grwi.io •
    The primary blockchain node (in the same VPS).
  • A • growerscoin-s2.grwi.io •
    The secondary blockchain node (in the grwi.io server).
  • A • growerscoin-bcf-seed.grwi.io •
    Blockchain Financial GrowersCoin node.

Hardcoded values

  • On the seeder source, growerscoin-seeds.grwi.io is the only DNS seeder defined.
    The testnet's seeder is set to growerscoin-testnet-seeds.grwi.io but it isn't defined anywhere. If the testnet is required, a new host must be added.
  • On the wallet source, growerscoin-seeds.grwi.io is set as the main DNS seeds node.
    If more DNS seed servers are added, the source must be edited.
  • Also on the wallet source, the three nodes described above are added as default nodes in case of the DNS seed coming down. Hostnames are set instead of IPs, so if there's a need to change nodes, only the DNS records are edited on CloudFlare.

The new server

Warning: Ubuntu 16 added a DNS resolver service that conflicts with the GrowersCoin DNS seeder. The steps shown here were followed in order to bring it down before deployment.

The new server is being used as DNS seed and primary blockchain node.

The DNS seed must run as root:

[email protected]$ cd /home/seeder

[email protected]$ ./dnsseed -h growerscoin-seeds.grwi.io -n growerscoin-s1.grwi.io -m support.grwi.io > seed.log 2>&1 &

To check the seed status in real time, run:

[email protected]$ tail -f seed.log

Primary blockchain node

Daemon must run as user level (for security) i the seeder account:

[email protected]$ ./growersd -daemon

Secondary blockchain node

A second node was setup in the grwi.io website server. All files are contained in /home/grnode. In order to run the daemon, just login as grnode and run the daemon:

[email protected]$ ./growersd -daemon

The new wallet

At the moment, both running nodes were compiled under Ubuntu 12.04 for cross-compatibility with the new server (Ubuntu 18) and the grwi.io server (CentOS 7). They might need to be recompiled on a higher OS version in case of compatibility issues with existing files. This will be noted once tests are complete.

GitHub repos

After proper testing, the wallet will be posted on all channels for download. This is a cosmetic update that adds new hard coded nodes. This is not a fork or mandatory update.

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